Ira Stehmann together with Dr. Petra Giloy-Hirtz developed an art concept including two exhibitions of contemporary art for the headquarter of Hartmann AG in Heidenheim, as well as guided tours for employees and an inhouse art booklet documenting the company's art engagement.


Interest in Life 01
Roland Fischer, Gloria Friedmann, Markus Heinsdorff

Aspects of life such as beauty and age, intimacy and body, protection and healing, body and soul, identity and attitude to life, but also nature, science, innovation or globality are themes of art.

Showcasing various positions of art forms, HARTMANN is looking for the dialogue and inspiration in seeing, in distinguishing and in understanding.


Interest in Life 02
Photographs by Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Karin Sander,
Pia Stadtbäumer, Stephanie Valentin



HARTMANN is a global company. There are subsidiaries all over the world, half of our employees work abroad, and we do half of our business outside Germany... This brings challenges for the corporate culture: values must be demonstrated and lived. Employees should be able to talk to each other. Art can make a contribution here. The prerequisite is its thematic proximity to the company, i.e. a suitable selection and good communication. For this reason, HARTMANN Art is not just a series of exhibitions, but is conceived as an integral element of HARTMANN culture. Through a cycle of exhibitions, artists will be invited to engage with HARTMANN. In this way, commissioned works will also be created in the future that deal with the company. It is important that these works travel and that Heidenheim is also connected in this way with the subsidiaries in other countries. ...more
Friedrich Pohl, Member of the Board of Paul Hartmann AG
Excerpts from the exhibition documentation