Christopher Thomas | Beautifully Ephemeral: Flowers in Contemporary Art: Kallmann-Museum, Ismaning

23 July - 5 November 2017

Group exhibition with works by Christopher Thomas, Michael Wesely, Hiroyuki Masuyama and others. 


For centuries the flower has been a common motif in art history. It was for a long time involved in religious contexts and charged with a variety of symbolic meanings, finally, in the Baroque period, flower still-life was popular as an independent pictorial genre in which the beauty of nature was expressed as well as the transience of earthly being. But also in contemporary art, flowers are always used in various media as motifs. Although it may also be dismissed as trivial or harmless, the discussion with them leads to a fascinating variety of artistic questions, which go far beyond the depiction of pure natural beauty. Time and transience also play a role here as well as questions of the artistic construction of nature, the occupation with the pictorial and photographic tradition of this pictorial object, or also the discussion with the color and form ​​of flowers. The exhibition at the Kallmann Museum, which includes paintings and photographs, as well as videos and sculptures, is a continuation of this classic motif of art history in modern times.