Paolo Roversi | Secrets

Only one copy available

Paolo Roversi | Secrets

40 pages, 150 colour and black and white illustrations

Unbound folded pages with sturdy slipcase, 22,9 x 27,9 cm

Language: English
Editions Stromboli Paris, 2013. Second Edition, May 2012

Paolo Roversi’s Secrets is a beautifully printed book. Roversi is an influential photographer, whose romantic and poetic Polaroid images have been printed in the world’s leading fashion magazines for more than four decades. With his personal attitude towards fashion and the aura of mystery that surrounds his pictures, he has created a world of his own, somewhere between dream and reality. He has captured images of etheral beauty, tenderness, vulnerability, and romanticism. For Roversi photography is about feelings, emotions, and seduction. 

Paolo Roversi | Secrets, Only one copy available
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